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Nov 21


So you’ve might have read that we here in the South have run into a bit of a water shortage. It’s been bad and now getting worse - fortunately, we have a little rain headed our way today and during thanksgiving. Thanks rain.

Anyways, I wanted to introduce to you a concept I have called a rainboat. It is essentially a enormous oil tanker - built specifically for capturing rain out at sea. The captains of these vessels would steer close to major storms to capture the falling rain. Look at all the storms out there!

After pulling in a decent haul of freshwater, the tankers return to port, connect to a pipeline that runs to a resevoir and offload their haul.

The idea is pretty impractical, but desperate times…

Nov 13

Slim Apple Notebook Rumor

  • This rumor has been floating around for awhile - an ultra thin NAND-Flash based laptop computer.
  • So I’ll play along and offer up my guess. The notebook is your normal clamshell design, hinged, 1/2 monitor, 1/2 input area.
  • Instead of a normal keyboard, the whole input area is touch sensitive as a virtual keyboard, except it’s not a lcd screen - it’s cast onto the surface by a scanning laser or lit from inside the input case and projected onto the surface of the input area.
  • I’ll sketch it out… might make more sense.

Let's turn body heat into electricity!

  • I thought it would be cool to create a mouse where most of the palm surface contained that microchip that turned electricity from heat. Your mouse could be nearly self powered!
  • Then I was thinking Herman Miller should develop an office chair whose seat cushion contained the same chip. All those hot asses converting electricity and tied into a battery system or back out to the grid.
  • My butt only leaves my seat probably 1.75 hours out of each day. And my ass is super hot. I don’t know math that well, but do the math!!!!

Nov 11

Devastation at it’s finest…